FJ Park Giveaway Week #15

July 7th Winning Ticket #466, Ticket Holder - Lauri Brown

FJ Park Giveaway Week #14

June 30th Winning Ticket #014, Ticket Holder - Jim Gasser

FJ Park Giveaway Week #13

June 23rd Winning Ticket #719, Ticket Holder - Nick & Traci Miller

FJ Park Giveaway Week #12

JUne 16th Winning Ticket #912, Ticket Holder - Cathy Tenwalde

Welcome to the Fort Jennings Park website

In 1969 the residence of Fort Jennings decided is was time to clean up the area where the park now exists. The park was born out of a lot of hard work and it didn't happen overnight. This website is a continuation of the hard work that started the park and continues today.

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Contact us

Fort Jennings Park Board
P.O. Box 88
Fort Jennings, OH 45844

Telephone: 419-286-2600


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A great place to live

Fort Jennings is a small community located in Northwest Ohio. The Fort Jennings Park Board consists of a group of volunteers who take pride in maintaining the local park as well as raising funds for improvements and repairs. Each year, the Park Board hosts multiple fund raising events and encourages the support of the community in donating and participating in the events.

Park Board Members

Jerry Siefker (President)
Kari Amstutz (Vice President)
Katie Etgen (Secretary)
Derek Kaverman
Jason Dickman
Nate Wannemacher
Scott Aldrich
Chris Nichols
Greg Metzger
Diana Osting
Jake Berelsman
Charlie Maag